Mintos P2P Platform Review

Mintos is biggest and leading P2P marketplace in Europe, in other words, Mintos the reference platform for P2P investments.

The goal of Mintos is to make investing in loans as common as investing in stocks, ETFs, real estate, or any other major asset class.

What is a Loan Originator?

A Loan Originator is a company that sells different types of loans, like car loans, personal loans, etc. Subsequently, the loans rate is from D to A+, where D is the worst rate and A+ the best rate.

Why should i trust my money to Mintos?

If you want to get access to high interest rates through buying small fractions of different types of loans, then you should definitely start investing at Mintos. Likewise, another great thing is the Buyback Guarantee provided by each of the loans originators.


Above all, if you are looking for a new to get more value for your money, then P2P platforms like Mintos could be a really good option. Where else can you put your money and earn up to 14% / year?

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