Things you should know about Coronavirus and investing

Why investing in P2P is a good idea right now

Grupeer has always stressed that P2P is a less volatile asset class with premium returns. When investing in business loans you don’t need to think about where to allocate your money, and constantly check the situation on the markets, it is simply working for you, while you are busy doing other things in your life.

Many people have lost their money in the stock markets, while those holding their money in P2P loans didn’t (unless you trying to sell on a secondary market for a big discount). But as with many shares, there is no rational reason to try selling-off loans on the secondary market right now.

Some are worried that P2P loans will get a hit caused by the coronavirus-induced crisis. But the logics work in another way- right now many customers of micro-financial organizations will need extra cash to fill in the disruption in their regular incomes. The good news are , that all loan originators listed on Grupeer are working fully-online. To get the requested money a customer just needs to fill in the application form online and the money within an hour on the customer’s bank account. Grupeer is satisfied that we have chosen to work only with online loan providers, as during the physical isolation, the online segment gets more demand.

Another good news, the development projects that are listed on Grupeer platform are in the regular construction mode. Our team constantly monitoring, now from the distance, the process of the construction process. In Belarus all construction works are in the same regime. So, in order to safeguard your money during this turbulent time, choose less volatile investments.

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